Household lighting is one of the most direct uses of electricity in your home. It’s one of the essentials for modern life. Typically, Americans spend about 10% of their total electric bill on lighting alone, which can really add up over the year. If you want to lower this cost, you need to switch to LEDs, but how much will it actually save? Our pros break it down in this blog!

Is it worth switching to LED bulbs?

LEDs are known to be more efficient, but why is that? The main reason is that incandescents produce heat along with light. That heat is wholly wasted energy. Because so much power is being wasted on creating heat, incandescents typically have to run on 60 watts. LEDs do not generate heat. They should be completely cool to the touch. Since all the energy is going towards creating light, it only requires about 10 watts.

LEDs vs. Incandescent

Since it requires less power and the bulb can’t burn out, LEDs can last a lot longer, and we mean a lot longer. The typical LED bulb can last for 50,000 hours, while a typical incandescent only holds on for about 1000. Due to the lower wattage, LEDs are about 75% more efficient even without considering the longer lifespan. By year two and three, your LED bulb will still be kicking, and you’ll have had to buy multiple replacements for your incandescent.

For most people that translates to savings of about $8 a year for each incandescent bulb you replace with an LED. It may not sound like much, but that is per bulb. You likely have quite a few bulbs in your house, and it can add up!

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