Winter temperatures mean cranking up the heat and getting cozy under some covers with a nice mug of hot cocoa. While we all like to be warm and comfortable this season, nobody likes burning through their savings with high energy bills. We should add that you might not have a problem burning through your savings if you are a millionaire, in which case, hi we’re Tingley Home Services, and we’d love to do business with you. Now for the rest of us, here are some ways we can save this winter and still stay cozy.

Keep Your Hands Off The Thermostat

If you grew up with a dad that had a sixth sense for these things, touching a thermostat was probably a big taboo in your home. Despite how annoying it can be, lowering the thermostat can save you money. Lowering the thermostat to even just 68 degrees can add up in savings in your electricity bill.

There is also the option of installing a smart thermostat to keep track of your home’s energy usage much better. Smart thermostats can be a bit pricey upfront, but they can save money and energy for you long term. No matter the thermostat you use, keeping your thermostat low will help save you money.

Trapping In Warm Air Where You Can

Heating your home can take some time, but when you heat your home, do make sure to close the doors to rooms you’re not going to occupy. Closing doors to unused rooms can help trap heat in larger spaces you will occupy and use your heating system less.

You can also bundle up indoors with some nice sweaters, socks, and blankets to help reduce your heating system usage. While you’re at, make sure to open curtains and blinds to let the sun inside in the mornings. Sunlight is a great natural and free source of heat that can help warm up your home. While all of these actions are small individually, together, they can add up to significant savings.

Keep An Eye On Your Appliances

If you notice that your energy bills are higher than average, and your usage of these appliances hasn’t increased, you may need to call a professional. Keeping an eye on old appliances can help you catch energy vampires that will drain your wallet. You can also unplug appliances that idle when not in use to save energy. Idle appliances are typically TVs, home media devices, and non-essential kitchen appliances that can suck up electricity while not in use.

At Tingley Home Services we know how important it is to save money, so give us a call at (508) 501-7889 and our team of professionals will make sure you can save the most on your energy bills this winter!

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