Understanding Mass Save Rebate Program

2 types of rebates are available:
  • Whole Home Rebate- $10,000
  • Partial Rebate- $1250 Per Ton up to $10,000
Whole Home Rebate Explained:
  • The home has been adequately covered for use of a heat pump system that will entirely replace the use of the existing fossil fuel system for heating purposes. (This does not apply to the water heater or other gas, oil or propane pieces of equipment within the home)
  • The contractor signs a “Whole Home Verification Form” provided by mass save stating that they have sized your system accordingly to support the home as the main heating system
  • Customer signs form agreeing to use this as their only means of heating once installed
Partial Rebate Explained:
  • A heat pump will be installed in the home to reduce fossil fuel consumption and will be used in conjunction with the existing system.
  • This can mean a single portion of the home will have the ability to heat its area with use of the heat pump. This can be in the form of ductless mini split units or installed onto an existing fossil fuel fired ducted system.
  • The alternative is that the heat pumps cover enough area to adequately support heating of the entire home but are not intended to fully replace the original heating system.
  • To qualify for this system design Mass Save requires the contractor to set up an “Integrated Control System” to work with the heat pumps as well as the fossil fuel source. Integrated controls are used to automatically command the use of the heat pump in its zone or zones to operate at minimum until outdoor temperatures meet a particular outside temperature. Once outdoor temp falls below this set point the heat pump would turn off and the integrated control system would turn on the fossil fuel source in that area or areas to take over. This is what causes the fuel reduction incentivized by the rebate program.
  • Your estimate will include the “Integrated control model #” which is required when submitting for your rebate.

2023 Residential Air Source Heat Pump Rebates Protocols

  1. Contact Mass Save requesting a “Whole Home Energy Audit” to be performed on the home. This will determine what types of insulation are necessary before proceeding. Work cannot be performed prior to this step!
  2. Prepare your home: Taking steps to air seal and insulate your home will ensure that it is ready for your new heat pump system. (This step is required if applying for the whole home rebate of $10,000 and may be performed before or after your heat pump installation as long as it is completed before submitting for the rebate. You will be provided documentation of this insulation by your Mass Save weatherization company that will be used when submitting for the rebate.)
  3. Consider financing: Interested in 0% financing? Apply for a Mass Save HEAT Loan prior to installing your equipment. (Your loan will not exceed $25,000 and the loan provided will be the cost of the installation minus the rebate.)
  4. Work with a Mass Save® heat pump installer to install your heat pump.
  5. Claim your rebate: Upon completion of installation, claim your rebate by submitting all required documentation. Online: MassSave.com/Savings (Rebates are expected to take 4-8 weeks to be delivered by check directly to the homeowner from the time of submitting and do not go to the contractor.)

*Other restrictions and requirements may apply.

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