With the winter season here, getting cozy under a warm blanket and having some hot cocoa is a must. Although you might be warm, you may have that person in your life that always seems to be freezing no matter how many blankets they hog.

Sometimes people just run cold, so why not make them feel special this holiday season by getting them a gift that could warm them up! If you are constantly freezing and reading this, you may find the perfect gift you can drop hints towards.

Blanket Mania

Sure, a traditional blanket can be boring gift-wise, but we are not talking about any standard blanket this holiday season. Consider getting your special cold loved one a weighted blanket to help fight off the cold and feel like they’re constantly being hugged.

Why stop at weighted blankets, and why not get a heated blanket? This particular Amazon find can even help warm you up when starting your call on those frosty mornings.

Stay Cozy While You Browse

Sometimes it can be a little chilly while you browse the internet, and your hands start to feel it. Well, that’s where a heated mouse pad comes in handy. The benefit of having a heated mouse pad is also being able to take it to work, especially if you work in offices where they love to crank up the AC even in the winter.

Use Your Phone Outdoors

Look, we know it is probably easy to just put your phone away while you’re outside, but sometimes text messages, phone calls, or social media can get the best of us. So why confront our internet addiction when we can adapt with some touchscreen compatible winter gloves! There are plenty of affordable options while also some more expensive options (hello, Canada Goose), and whichever option you choose, you will be staying warm while you scroll outside.

Draft Guards

If you want to give your loved one a gift that will get some use daily, then consider buying a draft guard for their home! Sometimes people can be chilly at home because of gaps at the bottom of their door frame letting in cold air. With a draft guard, your chilly loved ones will now have less of a reason to complain about being cold indoors.

Humidifiers And More

While a pair of thick socks or even sweats will make a perfect gift, getting someone who constantly complains about the cold a humidifier is excellent. Cold temperatures tend to dry out the air, leading to annoying nose bleeds, dry skin, and unsightly dry hair. A humidifier can help your loved ones breathe better while they try to stay warm this season.

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