With outdated infrastructure all around the country, power outages are becoming more and more common. When a power outage strikes, there are automatically so many things to stress about. The best way to deal with a stressful situation is to have a plan ahead of time! If you are experiencing a Milford MA power outage, here are our tips to handle the situation calmly and comfortably.

How to Stay Comfortable

The first thing you’ll need is light! This probably goes without saying, but having flashlights or candles around the home is a great start. You don’t want to waste the battery on your phone using it as a flashlight when you could be using a battery-powered flashlight.

Next, depending on the outside weather you may need to keep warm or stay cool. If you want to keep warm, use blankets and get the whole family in one room. Keeping it all in one room can warm you up much faster.

If you need to cool off during the summer months, you’ll want to open the windows to get some natural ventilation. Change into lightweight clothing. Lastly, keep hydrated because that will actually help regulate your body temperature!

Other Tips

Here are a few other great tips to keep in mind!

  • Keep your fridge and freezer closed. They can keep things cold for about a day if you keep them closed!
  • The stove is not a heater! Even if you have gas, only use it for cooking! Leaving the gas running has a lot of potential downsides and it is a safety hazard.
  • Disconnect appliances and electronics to prevent any electrical surges when the power returns!
  • Call the utility company, so you know what is happening.

We hope you don’t have to deal with a power outage anytime soon, but if you do, we hope these tips will help!

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